Simplified Case Tracking Software

CaseLog Database: Anesthesia Patient Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

Say goodbye to outdated PDA case log tracking software and awkward website applications that can’t meet the demands of a busy operating room. Never fuss with your old cumbersome method of recording and totaling cases again! iAnesthesia: Case Logs iPhone application is the first step toward simplified case log tracking. Combine the iPhone app with the CaseLog Database to make anesthesia patient tracking as effortless as possible.

The CaseLog Database is a fast, powerful new tool designed by anesthesiologists who understand your needs. Either in conjunction with the iPhone application or as a stand-alone web application, anesthesia providers capture important information quickly, easily, and conveniently. Stop expending your tolerance on poorly designed outdated products that can’t meet the demand of on-the-fly OR case log entry.

or iPod Touch App
CaseLog Database
CaseLog Database
Expand all Collapse all iTunes App Store Database Sign-Up Database Sign-Up
On-the-Fly Case Entry yes yes yes
Customizable Data Collection yes yes yes
Review & Edit Case Logs yes yes yes
Database Reliability yes yes yes
Generate Reports yes yes
Analyze Your Data yes
New Version Upgrade Cost FREE FREE FREE
Program/Membership Cost $19.99 $29.99 $49.99

Free Case Log Access

Almost all training programs offer residents an educational stipend that can be used towards books, supplies, software and electronics. iAnesthesia LLC provides payment documentation to help you request reimbursement from your training program. Utilize your educational stipend to purchase iAnesthesia: Case Logs and the CaseLog Database Membership.

CaseLog Database Security

Our database is secured using 256-MB Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the industry standard for secure online data transfer. Your privacy and our website’s integrity is protected with encrypted links between our web server and your browser.

CaseLog Database Reliability

Our servers offer a 99.9% up time; guarantee you will always have access to your data. Additionally, our servers are backed up on a daily basis, so you will never lose your data. Rest easy knowing your data is safely backed up in the CaseLogs secure database.

The CaseLog Database provides the power to:

• Web based new case log entry
  – Stand-alone feature: you don’t need the iPhone or iPod touch to enter cases
– Quick navigation of organized data fields, makes OR entry realistic
• Review Case Log History
  – Fully functional dynamic database allows you to search and filter previously entered cases
– Easy way to find all patients who had a nerve block who still need a Post-Op Evaluation
– Examine history for cases with a complication, then review specific case data and read your special comments about the case
• Instantly generate printable reports based on the up-to-date case log history.
  – Customizable reports allow you to save only the data you are interested in
– Two stunning page report layout designs give your CV or portfolio a professionally finished appearance
– Email reports on a scheduled basis; Send the report to your program direct or to others who periodically keep track of your totals.
• Case Log Analytics takes the anesthesia provider to the next level in understanding their practice trends. (future release)
  – Discover how often you place an Arterial Line in an ASA III vs. IV patients, how many emergency cases have you provided a nerve block, as well as many other multivariable analysis of your data
– See how your training matches up with others! Analytics will help you compare your totals to the average totals of other providers at your program as well as state wide, nationally, or globally.
– Utilize the analytics to help identify areas of your training in which you could benefit from more experience. These reports will help you maximize your educational potential.
– Compare your numbers to graduation requirements.
– Track your cases over time to see how your case style changes as you progress through training and into a private practice