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CaseLog Database Coming Soon!

iPhone and iPod Touch users of the iAnesthesia: Case Logs application will soon benefit from the CaseLog Database. This database will help users back-up and securely store their logbook data on the iPhone. It will even allow users the ability to print professional reports which they can customize to display anything of interest.

Our planned roll out of this new innovative integration is by November 12th if not earlier. Check back soon to gain full functionality of iAnesthesia Case Logs.

If you don’t own an iPhone or iPod Touch, don’t worry! You can still benefit from all the features offered at! We offer the ability to track case logs from a convenient website application. The best part is if you ever end up with an iPhone or iPod Touch you will be able to sync all of your logs simply with a click of a button! Look forward to joining the CaseLog Database.

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