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CaseLogs Analytics Coming Soon

There has been tremendous interest and excitement for the iAnesthesia: Case Logs iPhone App. We would like to thank all of our users for helping make the program a roaring success WORLDWIDE!

In our quest to make the best anesthesia case tracking software, we continue to review user feedback and implement changes into future product updates. If you have any suggestions or recommendations we would love to hear it. Please Contact Us and let us know how we can make CaseLogs even better!

Not only are the updates to our iPhone application FREE, iAnesthesia has recently released the CaseLog Database standard membership for FREE. Take advantage of this offer to start tracking your cases on both the iPhone and this web-based platform through our automatic sync feature. We take the difficulty out of keeping reliable records while offering reliable data back-up and security.

In an ongoing effort to provide superior Case Log software, the next feature we will release will be our CaseLogs: Analytics. Part of the CaseLog Database, Analytics is a unique interface which will allow users to better understand their practice patterns beyond just numbers. Take this one step fruther and compare your statistics to your institution, state/providance, nation or the global anesthesia community.

iAnesthesia is committed to making logbooks and case tracking a truly useful venture for all anesthesia provider with CaseLog Analytics. Look for CaseLogs: Analytics to be released before the end of December.

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